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Practorthog Origgloss Translation Origorthog Notes
Ch'siitcin aadiits ch'teebiil' yaa'nii, teelee'-bii'. Coyote / grasshoppers / picked, / they say, / sack in. Coyotes were picking grasshoppers, they say, in sacks. tc'.sii.tcun a.diits k'.te.biil' ya'.nii te.le'.bii'
Kaashtc lhtsow teelee'-bii' s'an yaa'nii. Knife / blue / sack in / lay / they say. A blue stone knife lay there in a sack, they say. kactc L.tsoo te.le'.bii' s'An ya'.nii
Kashtc tohghish teelee'-bii' nooh'aash," tc'in yaa'nii. Knife / carry / sack in / put it," / he said / they say. Put a knife in a sack and carry it," he said, they say. kActs tooH.guc te.lee'.bii' nooH.'ac tc'in ya'.nii
Keelhk'as-kwaang teelee'-bii'. I dropped / sack in. I dropped (what was) in the sack. keeL.k'As.kwaN te.le'.bii'
Teelee' ohtl'oo," tc'in yaa'nii. Sack / weave," / he said / they say. Weave sacks," he said, they say. te.le' ooH.tl'oo tc'in ya'.nii
Teelee' teesdilbing. Sack / we filled. We filled the sack. te.le' tes.dul.buN
Teelee'-bii' nooshghee' lhaang saljiitc. Sack in / I carried / many / lizards. I carried many lizards in a sack te.le'.bii' nooc.ge' LaN sul.giits
Uuteelee' ch'neelhyang yaa'nii. Its liver / she eats up / they say. She eats up its liver, they say. oo.te.le' tc'n.neL.yAN ya'.nii
Uuteelee', uudjii' ch'neelhyiil'. Its liver, / its heart / she eats up. She eats up its liver and heart. oo.te.le' oo.djii' tc'n.neL.yiil'
Uuteelee'-bang lheetc tboosh noo'ng'aan yaa'nii. For his liver / clay / round / he put it / they say. He put in a round piece of clay for his liver, they say. uu.te.le'.buN Lets t.booj noo'N.'an ya'.nii

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