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Practorthog Origgloss Translation Origorthog Notes
"Daahtaitc taanaan-manjaa'; slis taanaan-manjaa'," tc'in yaa'nii. "Grey-squirrels / will drink; / ground-squirrels / will drink," / he said / they say. "Grey-squirrels will drink; ground squirrels will drink," he said, they say. da.taits ta.na.mun.dja' slus ta.na.mun.dja' tc'in ya'.nii
Haakwdang' slis ndoo' yaa'nii. Then / ground-squirrels / were not, / they say. At that time there were no ground-squirrels, they say hakW.duN' slus n.doo' ya'.nii
Slis ch'ohyaan-mang. Ground-squirrel / you will eat. You will eat ground-squirrels. slus tc'ooH.ya.muN
Slis lhaang uudjii'olhtik-bang. Ground-squirrels / many / you must kill. You must kill many ground-squirrels. slus LaN oo.djii.ooL.tuk.buN

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