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Practorthog Origgloss Translation Origorthog Notes
Bilhghityiing' kwslee', bit', bilhghityiing' yaa'nii, Slee'lhk'ishtc. He doctored / his anus, / his belly, / he doctored /they say / skunk. He doctored Skunk's anus, he doctored his belly, they say. buL.gut.yiN kW.sle' but' buL.gut.yiN ya'.nii sle'.L.k'ucts
Slee'lhk'ishtc diidak' sliin' yaa'nii. Skunk / east / became / they say. Striped skunks came into being in the east, they say. sle'.L.k'ucts dii.duk' sliin' ya'.nii
Slee'lhk'ishtc ninkowilhtiing yaa'nii. Skunk / he took up / they say. He picked up Skunk, they say. sle'.L.k'ucts nun.kuu.wuL.tiiN ya'.nii
Tc'ghinsii' yaa'nii, Slee'lhk'ishtc. He emitted flatus / they say, / skunk. Skunk farted, they say. tc'.gun.sii' yaa'.nii sle'.L.k'ucts

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