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Practorthog Origgloss Translation Origorthog Notes
"Dii kwot wan-t'aa' uuyaashtc shaahnaa' toonai hiiheendilh-banjaa'," tc'in yaa'nii. "This / stream / some / small / creek / fish / will go in," / he said, they say. "Fish will go into some of these small streams and creeks," he said, they say. dii kwoot wan.t'a' oo.yacts caH.na' too.nai hii.hen.duL.bun.dja' tc'in ya'.nii
Ghint'ee shaahnaa' uuyaashtc sliing' yaa'nii. Now / creek / small / became / they say. Now the creek became small, they say. gun.t'ee caH.na' oo.yacts sliiN' ya'.nii
Shaahnaa'-yaashtc naa'inghilh'aa'-kwan yaa'nii. Creek little / he had made a weir / they say. He had made a weir in a little creek, they say. caH.na'.yacts na.un.guL.'a'.kwAn ya'.nii
Uuyaashtc shaahnaa' tc'tghilhtalh yaa'nii. Small / creeks / he made with his foot / they say. He made small creeks with his foot, they say. uu.yacts caH.na' ts't.guL.tAL ya'.nii

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