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Practorthog Origgloss Translation Origorthog Notes
Lhaan lhtaahkii tbilh-bii', wang k'ai'tbilh-bii', wang k'ai'teel-bii': lhtceekeetcing##, goontc, chinsii'tcing, ninyeehtaaghchow, wo'lhaang, tciighiltcaantc, naa'aalee', tsoo'kwiit'iing, kwitchaang, bit'tlai'tc, goolbistcing, kaschiing', tciighiltcaang, tciidiknee', naasnaaldaaltc, tciiyooyiikostgaitc,lheetcyeehdeeleehchow, sii'tbing. Many / kinds / seed-basket in / some, / burden-basket in / some, / basket-pan in / (list of root crops names) There were many kinds, some in seed-baskets, some in acorn-baskets, and in basket-pans: lhtceekeetcing bulbs, goontc bulbs (Brodiaea/Tritelleia?), chinsii'tcing bulbs ("pine-cone sort of thing"), "big bulbs" (Brodiaea?), "many teeth" bulbs, tciighiltcaantc bulbs, naa'aalee' bulbs,, they say.oo'kwiit'iing bulbs, kwitchaang bulbs, wild onions, goolbistcing bulbs, kaschiing'-lily bulbs, tciighiltcaang bulbs (Brodiaea?), tciidiknee' bulbs, naasnaaldaaltc bulbs, tciiyooyiikostgaitc bulbs, lheetcyeehdeeleehchow bulbs, and "sharp heads" bulbs. Lan L.taH.kii t.buL.bii' wuN k'ai.t.buL.bii' wuN k'ai.tel.bii' L.tcek.ke.tciN goontc tcun.sii.tciN nun.ye.taG.tcoo woo'.LaN tcii.gul.tcantc na.al.le' tsoo'.kwii.t'iiN kwut.kyaN but.t.lai'tc gool.bus.tciN kAs.kiN tcii.gul.tcaN tcii.duk.ne' nas.nal.daltc tcii.yoo.yii.koos.t.gaitc Letc.ye.de.le.tcoo sii't.biN. ##gfn 194: "The bulbs used for food by the Kato, listed here, have not been identified.

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