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Practorthog Origgloss Translation Origorthog Notes
Kolk'oschowbii' kwonteel-teelit kwonteelh nchaagh-teelit, haaghee'dang' nindaash yaa'nii. Little Lake / valley becoming when / valley / to be large when / long time / they danced / they say. When Little Lake Valley was becoming flat and was becoming a large valley, they danced a long time, they say. kool.gootc.tcoo.bii' kwun.tel.tee.lit kwunteL n.tcaG.tee.lit ha.Ge'.duN' nun.dac ya'.nii
Too haaskaan yaa'nii, bink'it. Water / was there / they say, / lake. There was water there, they say, a lake. too has.kan ya'.nii bun.k'ut
Tc'ist'ook' yaa'nii. He flaked / they say. He flaked (arrowheads), they say. tc'us.t'ook' ya'.nii
---- Naakee'eetc, Siis kwonyeehtc'ghileeh too-bii' yaa'nii. ---- Blue duck / otter / swam under water / lake in / they say. ---- Mallard and Otter swam underwater in the lake, they say. ---- na.kee.eetc siis kwun.ye.tc'.gul.lee too.bii' ya'.nii
Too tc'ilhsan yaa'nii. Lake / he found / they say. He found a lake, they say. too tc'uL.sAn ya'.nii
Koolkooschowbii' kwaatohyaash!" Little Lake / go after!" Go get the Little Lake people! kool.kootc.tcoo.bii' kwa.tooH.yac

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