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Practorthog Origgloss Translation Origorthog Notes
Teekislee' too-yeeh kaal'aa' yaa'nii. Kelp / water under / grew / they say. Kelp grew under water, they say. te.kus.le' too.ye ka.l'a' ya'.nii
Silsis-kwt'iing kaal'aa' yaa'nii, baantoo'-bii'. (A kelp) / grew / they say, / ocean in. Silsis-kwt'iing kelp grew in the ocean, they say. sul.sus.kW.t'iN ka.l'a' ya'.nii ban.too'.bii'
Sai kw'it' tcin'isdiing' yaa'nii. Sand / on top / shone / they say. On top of the sand it glistened, they say. sai k'wut tcin.us.diiN' ya'.nii ##gfn 108: "The Hupa root -den -diN 'to be light.' This probably refers to the phosphorescence of the old kelp."
"Sidii teekislee' noolkat-bang," tc'in yaa'nii. "Old / kelp / will float ashore," / he said / they say. "Old kelp will float ashore," he said, they say. sut.dii te.kus.le' nool.kub.buN tc'in ya'.nii

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