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"Daatiishaan-mang too kwandiikaas-mang daadin'aa'n-mang dii baantoo'?" tc'in yaa'nii. "What will be / water / --- / --- / this / ocean?" / he said / they say. "What will be the ?? and ?? of the water, this ocean?" he said, they say. da.tii.ca.muN too kwun.dii.kas.muN da.din.'a'.muN dii ban.too' tc'in ya'.nii
"Lhan lhtaahkii banjaa', baantoo'-bii'," tc'in yaa'nii. "Many / different kinds / will be / ocean in," / he said / they say. "There will be many different kinds in the ocean," he said, they say. Lan L.taH.kii bun.dja' ban.too'.bii' tc'in ya'.nii
"Baantoo' shan doohaa'-taanaan-manjaa'," tc'in yaa'nii. "Ocean / only / they will not drink," / he said / they say. "They will only not drink the ocean," he said, they say. ban.too' cAn doo.ha'.ta.na.mun.dja' tc'in ya'.nii
"Chin ndoo-banjaa' baantoo'-bii'. "Trees / will not be / ocean in. "There will not be trees in the ocean. tcun doo.bun.dja' ban.too'.bii'
"Dee baantoo'. Nai'aa'-bang. Tai'aash-bang. Kwanan'ang sai-bang," tc'in yaa'nii. "This ocean. / It will have waves. / It will settle back. / Up this way / sand will be," / he said / they say. "This ocean will have waves. It will settle back. Up this way will be sand," he said, they say. de ban.too' nai.'a'.buN tai.'ac.buN kwun.nun.uN sai.buN tc'in ya'.nii
"Toonai baantoo'-bii' lhk'aah-bangjaa'," tc'in yaa'nii. "Fish / ocean in / will be fat," / he said / they say. "Fish in the ocean will be fat," he said, they say. too.nai ban.too'.bii' L.k'a.buN.dja' tc'in ya'.nii
Baanchow kaal'aa' yaa'nii, baantoo'-bii'. Mussels / grew / they say, / ocean in. Mussels grew in the ocean, they say. ban.tcoo ka.l'a' ya'.nii ban.too'.bii'
Bitchow-nchaagh, baantoo'-bii' bitchow, too-bitchow. Panther large, / ocean in, / panther, / water panther. It was a big mountain lion, a lion in the ocean, a 'water panther'. but.tcoo.n.tcaG ban.too'.bii' but.tcoo too.but.tcoo
Ch'woshtcee' baantoo', ch'woshtcee' hai lheedoong' sliing' yaa'nii. Foam / ocean / foam / that / salt / became / they say. Ocean foam, that foam became salt, they say. tc'.wooc.tce' ban.too' tc'.wooc.tce' hai Le.dooN' sliN ya'.nii
Chin-kwt'iing kaal'aa' yaa'nii, baantoo'-bii'. Abalone-sausage / grew / they say, / ocean in. Abalone-sausage grew in the ocean, they say. tcun.kW.t'iN ka.l'a' ya'.nii ban.too'.bii'
Hai nshoon yaa'nii, lheedoong' baantoo'. That / good / they say / salt / ocean. That ocean salt is good, they say. hai n.coon ya'.nii Le.dooN' ban.too'
Kwinyeeh tc'ghintaal' yaa'nii, baantoo'-bii'. In it he sank / they say, / ocean in. He sank into the ocean, they say. kwun.ye.tc'.gun.tal' ya'.nii ban.too'.bii'
Laat kaal'aa' yaa'nii, too-bii', baantoo'. Sea-weed / grew / they say, / water in, / ocean. Sea-weed grew in the water, the ocean, they say. lat ka.l'a' ya'.nii too.bii' ban.too'
Nee' baantoo' uutcing'aa bis tc'ghilhtciilh yaa'nii. Land / ocean / in front of / slide / he made along / they say. He made land along in front of the ocean, they say. ne' ban.too' uu.tciN.a bus tc'.guL.tciiL ya'.nii
Silsis-kwt'iing kaal'aa' yaa'nii, baantoo'-bii'. (A kelp) / grew / they say, / ocean in. Silsis-kwt'iing kelp grew in the ocean, they say. sul.sus.kW.t'iN ka.l'a' ya'.nii ban.too'.bii'
Tc'neelh'iin' baantoo' aatk'ee ching tc'oonaa'tgish yaa'nii. He looked / ocean / behind himself / trees / he looked at / they say. He looked at the ocean behind himself; he looked at the trees, they say. tc'n.neL.iin' ban.too' at.k'e tcuN tc'oo.na.t.guc ya'.nii
Tl'olhtsow kaal'aa' yaa'nii, baantoo'-bii'. Grass blue / grew / they say / ocean in. Surf grass grew in the ocean, they say. tl'oo.Ltsoo ka.l'a' ya'.nii ban.too'.bii'
Too shang lheeng'aa' yaa'nii, baantoo'. Water / only / met / they say, / ocean. The ocean waters just met, they say.## too cAN LeN.'a' ya'.nii ban.too' ##Compare this with the first story The Coming of the Earth.
Too-ntl'its' banjaa', baantoo'-bii'," tc'in yaa'nii. Water rough / will be, / ocean in," he said, they say. There will be rough water in the ocean," he said, they say. too.n.Luts bun.dja' ban.too'.bii' tc'in ya'.nii
Yoo'oon-haa' baantoo' nanyiilhtsilh yaa'nii. Yonder / ocean / beats against it / they say. Over there the ocean beats against them, they say. yoo.oon.ha' ban.too' nun.yiiL.tsuL ya'.nii

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